All-Time Tamil Movies To Watch With Your Friends

All-Time Tamil Movies To Watch With Your Friends

Are you planning a friend’s reunion? Are you eating up your head thinking about different ways you can spend some quality time with your friends? Then one of the best ways to spend time with your friends is by watching your favorite Tamil movies together.

Make a list of your favorite movies that you want to watch, and then jump right onto the Aha platform. A few of the best movies to watch with your friends are selfie,anbesivam and jiivi. Watch them today with your friends and make it a memorable day.


Plot of selfie

The movie Selfie is about an ill-tempered engineering student who gets linked into an underground college admission that is taking place at the college. Soon it is seen that he, along with his friends, gets in the central hit line for several goons and a bunch of loan sharks.

Watch the movie to learn how the group of friends got out of this dreadful situation. This is one such movie that you will greatly enjoy watching with your friends.


The plot of anbesivam

In the movie anbesivam, an advertisement filmmaker, Anbarasu, is featured. He goes out on a trip to Bhubaneswar on his business trip, where he, unfortunately, gets stranded at the airport due to heavy rainfall. However, further, into the plot, his life takes a sharp turn as he meets the love of his life, Nallasivam. Nallasivam is his co-passenger, and soon he becomes friends with him. Watch the movie to know what happens next in their journey.


Plot of jiivi

The movie Jiivi is about a jinxed romantic affair. A brilliant man, along with his friend, plans to rob his landlady. However, after pulling the robbery successfully, several strange happenings take place in the landlady’s family.

Watch the movie to know what is next occurring that has been recorded in the movie. This is a great movie to watch with your friends on a Friday evening.

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